Race Day June 14

Running in the Spring Fling Race here in Toronto, it was my first 5k and a real eye-opener.  Completing the race in 26:51 minutes, I felt very relaxed.  Too relaxed even. Going into the race, being conservative was the goal.  Looking back, I am to be a lot more focused on my starting pace for the race. The plan was to save energy until the fourth kilometer and then bring out the “turbo” (turbo being used very liberally here).

The Bad

Too Conservative?

The main fault in this slow pace was that I should have been more aggressive in the first kilometer followed by easing up a bit in the middle and going all out for the last kilometer or so.  For the next prep/training block, I’m going to incorporate and stay diligent with race pace runs, really being mindful of pace.  Skipping runs during peak week is also something that I’m not going to take lightly.

Moreover, I think joining a running group or getting a running partner will definitely be a boost to the above:  consistency.  I had the thinking done, the action as well, but consistency was the killer.  I was too inconsistent and it really showed in my lack of pace-awareness.

Another thing to watch out for was nutrition the days before the race. Other commitments pressured me into bailing out the day prior on keeping my nutrition good for the race.  Again, its a matter of consistency.  A nutritional focus will be made for the next block.  Specifically on being more consistent in eating high quality foods.  I eat around 60% dense, nutritious meals but that could definitely be up int eh 70-80% range.  Feeling good is important and I want to be mentally zeroed in on success for the next 5K.

Another bad, I messed up in getting pictures.  First world problems, yes but it would have made this post much more visually appealing, seeing me heave on the race course.

The Good

Its not all bad.  I really focused on being strategic, albeit overdoing it.  Being mindful on turns on how to conserve energy, focusing on running cues, and breathing too.  It was a scenic route in Sunnybrook Park, really making the race feel more leisurely.  No wonder I ran so slow.

 Till Next Time

Looking forward to planning for the next preparation phase and competition.  This time I will do an 8 week preparation phase, be consistent, eat well, and make a push for a 20 – 22 minute 5k.

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