May 24 – 30 2015 Training

As further accountability for my training, I’ve decided to share an outline of my workouts with weekly comments.  I plan on competing in both strength and endurance competitions in the coming year and hopefully years.  Many have thought that you couldn’t make significant progress doing so.  People like Alex Viada and Complete Human Performance have proven otherwise.

I too aim to accomplish success in both spheres of training and fitness.  So first on the list:  a 5 k race on June 14.  This is my first week of training for this goal.  The program I’m following is from his book: Hybrid Athlete, which I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in hybrid training, to purchase.  Knowledge is power.

Shout out also to Garrett Blevins, who has also motivated me to keep track of a very thorough log book.  I highly recommend you check out his power lifting channel and learn from the knowledge that he dishes out.  Especially on keeping a thorough log book.

May 25

Shoulder pre-hab work (LTYW drills and 50 pullups in as few sets as possible)

Pendlay Row 

155 x 8

145 x 8

145 x 8


  • internal rotation 3 x 12 @ 15 lbs
  • external rotation 50 reps straight with 15 lbs

Cuban press 2 sets of 20 with 20 lbs

400-800 m interval session on treadmill for 1.3 km total

May 27

Front Squat  

225 x 1

240 x 1

Snatch Grip Deadlifts 

300 x 2

300 x 2

300 x 2

335 x 1

Back Extension 

50 lbs for 3 sets of 12

ab wheel for 60 reps in 3 sets

May 28

10-20 minute tempo run 

I was in fact, suppose to do a 20-40 minute run with variation in either being over-distance or under-distance.

May 29

Speed back squats 

245 x 3 for 4 sets

Paused Back Squat 245 x 3

May 30

shoulder mobility drills 5 minutes

overhead press

115 x 3

115 x 3

115 x 3

chinups x 50

facepulls 12 lbs x 100

 Week Notes

Overall, this first week of incorporating endurance training has been successful, albeit with a few slip ups on how to adhere to a program properly.  My shoulders could use more mobility work over the course of the week but that has been a bit of an issue since before I started this program.  Moreover, I’m finding out that a person needs to take better care of their hands and feet each day.

The more you train the more you need to think of longevity. Progress takes time and you have to make each opportunity to train one where you manipulate every factor that is within your control.  That includes mobility, stretching, but also skin care.  A torn callous or a blister is going to hold you back.  The fear of these things is keeping me diligent in taking care to keep my hands and feet healthy for each new week.

Let’s see what next week brings.

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