Ramadan: Why Fast and Why Train

As the Month of Ramadan approaches, many Muslims around the world will engage in the Islamic tradition of fasting.  Muslims fast to show appreciation and follow the way of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him [As Muslims say to show respect]), along with celebrating the month in which the first revelation and his status of prophet-hood became anointed.  Ultimately, Ramadan is a month for change.  For spiritual energizing that breaths life into the various facets of a human beings spiritual as well as worldly existence.

Even if you aren’t Muslim and don’t plan on taking part in this month of fasting and change, this post will aim to show why fasting might be something to incorporate in your life.  Not only fasting but training while fasting!

Overall Life goals assess (reflection on life) 

Whether your reason for fasting is religious, cultural, or tracking the latest trend of intermittent fasting, realize that abstaining from something is effective in pulling away its hold on you.  Whether its an addictive habit of smoking or over-indulging in food, fasting aids in the separation of oneself from a worldly need.  A person comes back after the thirty-day Ramadan fast with a greater appreciation of food and awareness of food being a tool to accomplish a task.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying what you eat or having creative flare for food.  Rather, the point of Ramadan is to not forget how lucky we are for having our basic need of food met and its importance in fueling us.

But that’s not all.  The Ramadan fast is not just abstaining from food and drink.  No.  It’s transformative nature is much, much deeper.  This fast takes hold of changing ones’ character further by controlling behaviour and social interaction.  Staying away from idle talk, or quarreling, or the backbiting of someone are also part of the Ramadan fast.  It is a time to really assess your social circle. Who is holding you back?  Who is helping you grow?  Where can you find people that will help you grow in those areas that you want to improve in?

Purpose of continuing to Train 

Weightlifting, Weight, Power, Man, Sports, Heavy

Striking a balance in everything is what prevents things from falling apart.  If you don’t exercise then your ability to engage in spiritually energizing activities with consistency and energy becomes greatly diminished.  So still train, just don’t expect to be able to break records and personal bests (although it is still possible).

Muslims come from the belief that the body that they have has rights over them.  Ramadan is a time to focus on the spirit but focus on one area does not mean neglecting everything else.  Followers of Islam strongly believe both Ramadan and Islam enhances their lives.  It is a time to correct bad habits and build good ones, both directly and indirectly related to religious activity.

Sum it up

The benefits of Ramadan and fasting in general are many and underrated.  In essence, fasting ingrains the idea of working on limited resources, and how capable we are of accomplishing impeccable things.

Wishing you all a productive Ramadan.

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